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Help System Toolbar

The toolbar is the area of the Maple Help window that contains icons for performing common tasks without using the menus. You can toggle between having the toolbar visible and having it hidden.


In the Help window, from the View menu, select Toolbar. A check mark next to Toolbar indicates that the toolbar is displayed for the help pages.


 The following is a list of the icons on the toolbar on Maple help pages.

Copy the selection to the clipboard.

Go back in the help page hyperlink history.

Go forward in the help page hyperlink history.

Go to the parent of the active help page.  That is, if the active topic is a command in a package or a file in a directory, go to the help page for that package or directory.

Open the current help page as a worksheet.  By default the help page opens in a new tab.

Display examples in 2-D Math (default) or 1-D Math Input

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