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Turn off Your Connection to the MapleCloud Content Exchange

The MapleCloud Content Exchange server stores all the content uploaded by Maple users. Maple polls the server at frequent time intervals and updates the entries in the MapleCloud window as soon as content is uploaded.


By default, the MapleCloud connection is on.  To disable the connection to the MapleCloud, you can:


Turn off the MapleCloud connection from the Options dialog.


Configure Maple to disable the connection to the server whenever Maple is launched.


Turn off the Connection in Current and Future Maple Sessions

Turn off the Connection When Maple is Started

Turn off the Connection in Current and Future Maple Sessions

You can optionally turn off your current and future MapleCloud connections by doing the following:


Click the MapleCloud icon on the Maple toolbar.


Click the Cloud Settings ( ) icon.


Select Network Settings.  The Options dialog opens.


In the Network tab, clear the Enable cloud connection check box.

 You can turn off the connection for the current Maple session only or globally for the current session and all future sessions.


For more information, see Options Dialog - Network Tab.

Turn off the Connection When Maple is Started

Alternatively, if you are a system administrator and want to control the use of the MapleCloud, you can configure Maple to turn off the connection to the server as soon as Maple is launched. When Maple is launched, Maple does not poll the server, and the Enable cloud connection check box in the Options Dialog - Network Tab is hidden from the Maple interface.




Right-click your Maple desktop icon and select Properties...


In the Target field, enter a space after the closing quotation mark and enter -nocloud.


Click OK.




At the command prompt, run the command xmaple -nocloud




Close all open Maple sessions.


Navigate to the Maple installation folder (for example /Applications/Maple_version).


Control-click the Maple application icon and select Show Package Contents from the context menu.


Search for the file called Info.plist.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you create a backup of this file.


Open the Info.plist file in a text editor and locate the Arguments section of the file. For example,



    <string>-B /Library/Frameworks/Maple.framework/Versions/<Maple_version>/lib</string>



Place your cursor before the closing </string> tag.


Enter a space and enter -nocloud.


    <string>-B /Library/Frameworks/Maple.framework/Versions/<Maple_version>/lib -nocloud</string>



Save your changes and then restart Maple.


Alternatively, on Macintosh platforms, you can turn off your connection by navigating to the /Library/Frameworks/Maple.framework/Versions/<Maple_version>/bin directory at a command prompt, and entering xmaple -nocloud.


For more information, see maple.

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