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Using MapleMBSE to Manage Domain-Specific Stereotypes in SysML Models

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Paul Goossens & David Hetherington

Using MapleMBSE to Manage Domain-Specific Stereotypes in SysML Models

A key goal of systems engineering is to create a shared vision for the system among a diverse set of stakeholders. Model-based systems engineering seeks to create a common shared digital resource so that stakeholders can perform domain-specific engineering activities such as safety or cybersecurity engineering while directly and digitally accessing the shared assumptions about structure, behavior, interfaces, and relationships for the system.

One very common SysML technique for domain specialty teams in this sort of environment is to create and deploy a custom profile of UML stereotypes that can be added to elements in the common model to attach domain-specific information to the common model. For example, a safety team might create a stereotype called «safety part» that would be applied to specific part instances of a block. The block “compute ECU” might be somewhat generic. Some part instances of that block in the vehicle might be for controlling the entertainment displays for the rear-seat passengers. Others might be for controlling the driver assistance features. The later block usage would be of concern to the safety team and would be flagged with the «safety part» stereotype.

In a typical implementation the «safety part» could contain attributes for a number of different safety aspects for the part such as:
  1. Safety Integrity Level (SIL or ASIL)
  2. Rationale for assignment of the SIL/ASIL
  3. Failure Rate
  4. Date of safety review
Such specialized stereotypes can be managed to some extent directly in the CATIA No Magic tools. However, the fundamental information such as failure rates is frequently embedded in a large base of legacy spreadsheets and or databases. Often the exact value needs to be derived from a series of factors that are easy to manage in a spreadsheet, but are beyond the scope of the SysML model.
Language: English
Duration: 32 Minutes
Related Terms: Sysml, Mbse

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