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Maple's Calculus Study Guide - A Clickable-Calculus Manual

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Dr. Robert Lopez

Maple's Calculus Study Guide - A Clickable-Calculus Manual

Maple's Calculus Study Guide is the definitive manual for implementing Clickable Calculus in the curriculum of single-variable calculus.

Implementing the syntax-free paradigm that Maple calls Clickable Calculus, it is the most complete guide to how Maple can be used in teaching and learning calculus without first having to learn any commands. Thus, it appeals to the student who has access to Maple as a tool for learning calculus more effectively, and it illustrates for the instructor how Maple's point-and-click technology can be exploited to make using Maple in the classroom easier for both student and teacher. Learning math, and not the tool, is the focus.

With complete coverage of single-variable calculus via its more than 460 fully worked-out examples, this Guide is a modern Maple-based interactive ebook designed as a supplement to, not a replacement for, any standard calculus text. Join this webinar to see how the syntax-free tools of Maple - palettes, 2-D live math notation, task templates, Tutors, Assistants, the Context Panel - are marshalled to make the teaching and learning of single-variable calculus more efficient, effective, and insightful.

This ebook is integrated into the help system of every up-to-date copy of Maple! This webinar will show how to access the Guide in the help system, and will give glimpses of what the Guide actually contains.

Language: English
Duration: 52 Minutes
Related Terms: Clickable-calculus, Ebook

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