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Accelerate MBSE processes and knowledge management using MapleMBSE

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Accelerate MBSE processes and knowledge management using MapleMBSE

Systems engineering projects are the driving force behind the development of innovative products and the supporting design analysis, but the teams often face difficulties with connecting information between teams and are slowed down by the complexities of the system model interface.

MapleMBSE is a systems engineering tool designed to streamline collaboration in projects, providing task-specific workflows through familiar, spreadsheet-based interfaces. This webinar explores how the new configuration editor plugin for NoMagic products can generate templates for stakeholders that cover common views and use-cases when working with the system models. This new functionality addresses the concerns system engineers have about chaos in editing systems models, and builds on the robust access control and model management capabilities of MapleMBSE with Teamwork Cloud. Using task examples from different requirements steps, this webinar shows how MapleMBSE overcomes the obstacles for adopting model-based systems engineering.

Learn steps you can use to improve your systems engineering process:

  • Apply an MBSE tool that helps engage all stakeholders.
  • Use templates to accelerate the process for common tasks and reduce errors.
  • Improve knowledge flow between teams and foster greater cross-enterprise design collaboration.

Language: English
Duration: 37 Minutes
Related Terms: Engineering, Mbse

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