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What’s New in Maple Flow 2023

Length: 23 Minutes
Presenter: Samir Khan
Product: Maple Flow

Discover the new productivity features in Maple Flow 2023 that make it even easier to create professional-looking design documents. New formatting options allow greater control of the appearance of document sections and help engineers to quickly create templates that can be used for design projects,...

Introducing Maple 2023 for Education and Research

Length: 52 Minutes
Presenter: Nadia Sid, Maple Product Manager
Product: Maple

The most powerful and comprehensive environment for exploring, visualizing, and solving even the most difficult math problems just got even better! In this webinar, you’ll learn about some of the many improvements in Maple 2023, including: Advancements in Maple’s mathematical abi...

Recent Enhancements in MapleMBSE: Improving your Connectivity & Management of SE processes

Length: 22 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: MapleMBSE

Companies are finding MapleMBSE boosts productivity by providing a robust, easy-to-use interface when connecting stakeholders to the system model to make updates. In this webinar, the Maplesoft team pick from recent solution releases to share new and productive features that speed up the systems eng...

Maple Flow Training for Engineers and Scientists

Length: 51 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: Maple,Maple Flow

This hands-on workshop will teach you the core skills to be a successful Maple Flow user. You’ll learn how to  • navigate the interface • enter and edit equations quickly and efficiently • ensure your analysis is dimensionally correct with units • create and fine...

Interface definitions with MapleMBSE

Length: 42 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: MapleMBSE

When using established Systems Engineering platforms, there are built-in limits when connecting and inputting contributions from non-SE stakeholders. Managing the human and system-to-system interface and connector options will lead to a more productive flow of information, as interfaces are common a...

Maple-Gym Masterclass

Length: 62 Minutes
Presenter: Knud Nissen
Product: Maple

Kom med Knud Nissen, matematiklærer på Aarhus HF og VUC og skaber af Maple-Gym-pakken, til en rundvisning i funktionerne og forbedringerne til undervisning i den nyeste version af Maple. Denne session vil dække følgende emner: Ændringer og forbedringer af brug...

Developing an Interface Control Document with MapleMBSE

Length: 43 Minutes
Presenter: Bharani Mohan
Product: MapleMBSE

In model-based systems engineering, an Interface Control Document (ICD) is used to define how overall system inputs and outputs are interconnected throughout the model. These documents specify what information flows through each interface, and help identify the compatibilities between systems. In...

Laurent’s Top 20 Favorite Things in Maple

Length: 28 Minutes
Presenter: Dr. Laurent Bernardin
Product: Maple

Do you often ask yourself, “I wonder what Maplesoft’s CEO loves about Maple?” Well, have we got a webinar for you! In this special presentation, Maplesoft’s CEO, Dr. Laurent Bernardin, shows off some of his favourite things in Maple, across user interface, advanced math and i...