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MapleSim for Automation: Complete Modeling Workflow, Analysis, and Model Exportability

Length: 24 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: MapleSim

In this presentation the workflow from initial concept of a system all the way to connectivity with other software will be explored within the context of the automation industry. The MapleSim modeling and simulation environment allows users to begin from a new idea or CAD-based drawing to create vir...

Predictive Maintenance: Getting the most out of your Digital Twin

Length: 18 Minutes
Presenter: Charlotte Turnbull
Product: MapleSim

By far one of the most useful applications of a Digital Twin is predictive maintenance. The Digital Twin has come a long way since its inception and with the right tools in place, manufacturers can continue to actively adapt their design processes. Using vast amounts of data from sensors on the prod...

What's New in MapleSim 2019?

Length: 19 Minutes
Presenter: Graham Jackson
Product: MapleSim

The MapleSim 2019 family of products helps you get the answers you need from your models, with improved performance, increased modeling scope, and more ways to connect to your existing toolchain. In this webinar, see what's new in MapleSim 2019, including highlights and demonstrations of our latest ...

Virtual Commissioning Case Study: Motor Sizing & Control Design Using MapleSim

Length: 15 Minutes
Presenter: Graham Jackson
Product: MapleSim

Designing new products requires a precise balance between costs and performance. If you miss the mark, you might be overspending or risking malfunction. What if you had a tool that would give you the precision you need to find that balance? A company designing injection molding machines needed to va...

Aplicações e Potencialidades do MapleSim na Engenharia Automotiva I

Length: 44 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: MapleSim

Visa apresentar suas principais aplicações e potencialidades na modelagem e simulação de projetos nas áreas da engenharia automotiva, como motores, transmissão, suspensão, sistemas elétricos, entre outros.