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The 2020 Maple Conference has gone VIRTUAL!

Math Matters - Maple in Mathematics Education and Research

This conference is dedicated to exploring different aspects of the math software Maple, including Maple's impact on education, new symbolic computation algorithms and techniques, and the wide range of Maple applications. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest research, share experiences, and interact with Maple developers.

The conference will take place online, and will include live presentations and discussions as well as recordings and chatrooms, in order to accommodate time zones. Maplesoft staff will also offer Maple training sessions on a variety of topics during the conference.

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The Maple 2020 Conference Proceedings are published in the Communications in Computer and Information Science series from Springer.

Keynote Presentations:

Dr. Gabor Domokos

Dr. Gabor Domokos

The Gömböc and the Shapes of Nature

Dr. Gabor Domokos spent most of his career at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). In 1989-1990 he spent one year teaching at Cornell University where he is adjunct professor. In 2004 he was elected as the youngest member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In 2008-2009 he spent one year as a Visiting Fellow Commoner at Trinity College, Cambridge. In 2015 Domokos gave the Hooke Lecture at the University of Oxford on the Gömböc and the evolution of natural shapes.

Juana Sendra Pons

Dr. Juana Sendra Pons

Bohemian Matrices: Past, Present and Future

Dr. Juana Sendra received her B. Sc in Mathematical Sciences from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1991, and her Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in 1999. She has taught mathematics at several universities in Madrid, including the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad de Alcalá, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Dr. Laurent Bernardin

Dr. Laurent Bernardin

Building the Right Tools for Math Education

Dr. Laurent Bernardin is President and CEO of Maplesoft. He has been with Maplesoft for over 20 years and prior to his appointment to his current role, he held the positions of CTO and COO. Bernardin is a firm believer that mathematics matters. Under his leadership, Maple has grown from a research project in symbolic computing to a complete environment for mathematical calculations used by hundreds of thousands of engineers, scientists, researchers and students around the world.