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What's New in Maple 2019

Student Resources

Numerical Analysis 

Many more commands from the Student NumericalAnalysis package are now available in the Context Panel. 

To see the command, first load the NumericalAnalysis package. 


with(Student:-NumericalAnalysis); -1 

Clicking on the output below, the AbsoluteError, NumberOfSignificantDigits, and RelativeError commands are now available in the Context Panel. 


5.3, 5.5 

5.3, 5.5



Previously the POLYINTERP structure generated by NumericalAnalysis did not have many relevant contextual options. 

[[1, 2], [5, 4], [7, 4], [9, 1]] 

[[1, 2], [5, 4], [7, 4], [9, 1]]


POLYINTERP([[1, 2], [5, 4], [7, 4], [9, 1]], independentvar = x, INFO)


Maple 2019 makes it possible to perform a number of actions from the Context Panel. 


Many more commands have also been added to the Context Panel for NumericalAnalysis including: Distance, IsConvergent, LeadingPrincipalSubmatrix, RateOfConvergence, TaylorPolynomial, and VectorLimit. 

A := Matrix([[1.3, 1.4, 5.3], [3.4, 7.7, 3.1], [4.3, 7.4, .2]]) 



rtable(1 .. 2, 1 .. 2, [[1.3000000000, 1.4000000000], [3.4000000000, 7.7000000000]], subtype = Matrix)




`+`(x, `-`(`*`(`/`(1, 6), `*`(`^`(x, 3)))), `*`(`/`(1, 120), `*`(`^`(x, 5))))



The PracticeSheet command generates a grid of practice problems for drilling math. Practice sheets can test arithmetic, algebra, calculus, factorization and more, with each problem generated with randomized parameters. 




In Maple 2019, a new assistant makes it easier to create practice sheets by allowing you to interactively construct customized practice sheets. You can find the assistant in the Tools - Tutors - Basics menu. 



Student Resources 

There are numerous resources available for students in Maple. The Tools - Tutors menu consists of a collection of tutors and assistants, related by given subject areas. 

You will find classic tutors and assistants in the following categories: 

Student Basics: Back-solving assistant and Equation manipulator 

Differential Equations: ODE Analyzer 

Optimization: Optimization assistant 

Statistics: Curve Fitting assistant 

More content 

There are many new interactive MathApps , including several for computer science such as Sorting Algorithms, Abstract Data Type, Binary Search Trees, and Big O Notation.