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What's New in Maple 2020

New User Experience

Many improvements in Maple 2020 are designed to help new users become comfortable and productive with Maple even faster than before.

Warnings for Common Mistakes Involving "e" and "d" 

A not-uncommon new user mistake is to simply type "e" when referring to the exponential constant, instead of entering the symbol exp(1); or using the exp function. Maple views that e; as a variable, leading to results the user is not expecting and which can be difficult for a new user to diagnose. Similar situations can occur when using the variable d; instead of the differential . Maple 2020 now detects the cases where it seems likely that this situation is occurring, and provides a suitable warning and solution.

`^`(e, x);

>Warning, if e is meant to be the exponential e, use command/symbol completion or palettes to enter this special symbol, or use the exp function
`^`(e, x)

`^`(e, `+`(`*`(2, `*`(x))));


Warning, if e is meant to be the exponential e, use command/symbol completion or palettes to enter this special symbol, or use the exp function
`^`(e, `+`(`*`(2, `*`(x))))

`/`(`*`(f), `*`(x));  


Warning, if d is meant to be the differential symbol (and not just a variable d), use command completion or palettes to enter this expression, or use the diff command
`/`(`*`(f), `*`(x))

These warnings do not appear when the variable interpretation is appropriate. 

`+`(a, b, c, d, e);  

`+`(a, b, c, d, e)


Choosing Between Document and Worksheet Modes 

On the Start page, the user is asked to choose between opening a New Document and a New Worksheet. This choice is now easier to make, with the addition of a "How do I Choose?" link that outlines the different use cases for each mode. This information will help new users make that initial choice with confidence, and will also provide them with knowledge that will guide them to the most appropriate mode as their use of Maple changes.  

Start Page 

The updated Start page in Maple makes it easier for new users to find the best resources for their first steps with Maple.  Changes include: 

  • An updated Get to Know Maple, Fast! video, which provides a brief overview and key information to help all users with their first Maple interactions

  • A revised Maple Fundamentals Guide that covers more topics, and includes information about the differences when working in Worksheet mode

  • A simplified presentation that clearly points to the most important resources for someone who is brand new to Maple

  • Assistance in choosing between Document and Worksheet modes, as described in the previous section

More Help for Error Messages  

You can click on many error and warning messages in Maple to visit a webpage that explains in more detail the circumstances under which the error can occur, and what you need to do to fix the problem.  For Maple 2020, more error messages have help pages to help you diagnose and recover from errors more quickly.  

Reactivating Your License 

Some customers start using Maple with a time-limited license, including many students who receive a temporary Maple license until they have validated their student status. These customers need to reactivate their Maple license in order to continue using Maple. This reactivation process is now simpler to do. Maple 2020 includes a Reactivate License button the in About Maple... window, so you no longer need to run a separate utility or wait until the license has expired before reactivating.