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What's New in MapleSim 2019?

The MapleSim 2019 family of products helps you get the answers you need from your models, with improved performance, increased modeling scope, and more ways to connect to your existing toolchain. In this webinar, see what’s new in MapleSim 2019, including highlights and demonstrations of our latest features:

  • Faster Modeling and Simulation: In MapleSim 2019, large models are much faster to manipulate, and new efficiencies help all models simulate even faster
  • Expanded Connectivity: With new FMI 2.0 Variable-Step Co-Simulation export, you can use your MapleSim models in more FMU-based tools than ever before.
  • More Components: Take advantage of new components across the electrical, hydraulics, and heat transfer libraries, including the new MapleSim Engine Dynamics Library™ from Modelon for modeling, simulating, and analyzing the performance of combustion engines
  • The B&R MapleSim Connector: With this new add-on for MapleSim 2019, you can give your automation projects a powerful, model-based ability to test and visualize control strategies from within B&R Automation Studio, and to export simulation data for motor, servo, and gearbox sizing within SERVOsoft®.

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