Modelica Syntax Checker – Validate your Modelica Code
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Modelica Syntax Checker

Online tool to validate your Modelica code syntax


Modelica is an open standard for describing physical models and components. Many modeling tools, including MapleSim, support the Modelica standard so that model and component definitions can be developed in one system and then used in another.

To ensure maximum compatibility with other tools, it is important that the Modelica code adheres strictly to the Modelica language definition. If you are having trouble importing a Modelica file from one system to another, you can use this Modelica syntax checker to test your code against the standard language definitions to ensure that it is syntactically correct, and to determine where changes need to be made if it is not.

Although originally written for use inside MapleSim, Maplesoft realized that this tool could be useful to users of other Modelica-based modeling tools, and so decided to make it freely available to the community.


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Modelica Checker.

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