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Toolbar: Main Toolbar

In the MapleSim window, the following icons are found in the Main toolbar.




Create a new model.

Open an existing model.

Save a model as an .msim file.

Import an FMU into the current model.

Reload the current library.

Search for resources such as components, examples, models from the MapleSim Model Gallery, and help topics.

Show the Simulation Results.

Show the 3-D Workspace.

Show the Apps Manager.

Show the Modelica Code Editor.

Simulate the current MapleSim model.

Simulate the current MapleSim model using a snapshot.

Stop the simulation. This button appears when a simulation is running.

Set the simulation duration time, td, for your model.

Generate solver diagnostics for the model.

Show differences between models.

Open the MapleSim help system.

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