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Content, Curriculum and Resources for Teaching with Maple

Explore the transformative effects of technology in the classroom.

There are many ways to bring Maplesoft technology to your math courses, from adding new energy to traditional lectures, to fundamentally transforming the curriculum to reflect a new, innovative teaching style.

  • Increase student understanding with illuminating explanations and visualizations that help make math more tangible
  • Help students build confidence through interactive explorations and immediate feedback
  • Keep students engaged with motivating examples and real-world applications that would be too difficult or time-consuming to do by hand

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Exploring Engineering Fundamentals

Free, professionally developed content designed to teach engineering fundamentals. Students use this material to explore and reinforce concepts, and instructors use it to supplement lectures, and as base material for labs and assignments.

Topics include

Clickable Math Applications for Use in the Classroom

The idea of powerful mathematics delivered through very visual, interactive, point-and-click methods has launched a new generation of teaching and learning techniques in mathematics.

Download over 50 applications available for Calculus and Engineering.

  • Problems are taken from standard course content.
  • Key steps are illustrated with video clips
  • Solutions are "syntax and command free"

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Video Demonstration: What is Clickable Math?

Great Examples for the Classroom

The Application Center contains over 2,000 examples, demos and tutorials that are free to download.

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Clickable Calculus Webinar Series

Watch a Recorded Webinar

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