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Custom Plot Sizing and Shading

: Maplesoft AuthorDave Linder
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If the number of Online Help queries per topic or the number of click-throughs on errors for a particular area of functionality is anything to go by, then plotting is hands down the most significant functionality in Maple. I saw some data on those recently, and what leapt out was just how much plotting dominated.

When functionality is introduced that affects most kinds of 2D or 3D plots, then it likely affects a great many Maple users in important ways. While there are help pages on the new 2D plot sizing and 3D plot shading options in Maple 18, I find myself using these new options so often I feel that its important to mention them as tips for visualization techniques.

Application Details

Publish Date: June 16, 2014
Created In: Maple 18
Language: English



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