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Can a Square Roll?

: Maplesoft AuthorJason Schattman
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Can a square wheel roll as smoothly as a round one? It can if you give it the right road to roll on! In this exploration, we'll figure out what such a road would have to look like, both mathematically and visually. We'll then drive the point home, as it were, with an animation. The square wheel problem is the Renaissance Man of calculus problems. It weaves together the concepts of arc length, periodic functions, derivatives, numerical integration, the fundamental theorem of calculus and differential equations in an elegant tapestry of mathematical technique. The star of tonight's performance will be the world renowned inverted catenary. Note: There are some features in this application that are new to Maple 12 and will not work in older versions. To see the Maple 11 version, follow this link.

Application Details

Publish Date: May 28, 2008
Created In: Maple 12
Language: English



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