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    Home : MapleCloud Best Practices

MapleCloud Best Practices

The MapleCloud allows users to collaborate and share content with other Maple users.

This page describes some best practices for using the MapleCloud™.

Best Practices: Posting a Document on the MapleCloud
When posting to the MapleCloud you must specify a short message that will be the topic of your post as well as the document name.

If you have a large worksheet but want someone to look over a small section, it may be sufficient to post just that section of the worksheet. This can be done by selecting the section before filling in the description of your post and posting it to the MapleCloud.

When creating a document that will be posted to the MapleCloud, be aware of the security settings for downloaded documents. Since the default security settings in Maple disable all auto-execute regions in documents that are downloaded from the MapleCloud, to ensure that your worksheets work properly when downloaded by other users, it is a good idea to design the worksheet without any auto-execution regions. There are several ways to set up your worksheet so that it doesn’t rely on auto-execute regions. The most common methods are to expose the code in an initialization section, to put the code in a code edit region at the top of the worksheet, or to have a button at the top of the worksheet that will perform your initialization routine when a user clicks it.

Best Practices: Security Settings for Opening Documents from the MapleCloud
By default, the security settings for documents that you open from the MapleCloud are stricter than for other documents.

Default security settings for MapleCloud content:

  • Autoexecute security level: Disable autoexecution
  • Maple archive security level: Disable maple archive execution
  • Engine security enabled: No files are writable

We recommend that you keep these settings at this level.

Best Practices: Creating a Group
When creating a group on the MapleCloud, the three things that you should remember are choosing a unique informative group name, choosing the appropriate group type for the group, and ensuring regular maintenance of the group.

Choosing a name of your group
When choosing a name for your group, you want to choose a short name that is unique and informative enough for your colleagues to find you. If you are creating a group for your class, it is best to set the name as something unique to your school, say the name of the school combined with the name of the class you are creating this group for. This allows your students and colleagues the ability to distinguish your group from other potential groups for similar classes. Since the only way for users to join your group is to find your group, it is important that you choose the name of your group carefully.

Choosing the type of group
When you are creating a group, you will be presented with three options for your group: Open, Read Only, and Opaque.

  • The “Open” option allows all MapleCloud users to join the group. The group is visible in the list of available groups to join.
  • The “Read Only” option allows only the owner of the group to post to this group.
  • The “Opaque” option allows everyone in the group to post but each member of the group can only see their own post and the posts of the moderator.

These are important settings because they specify how your group will operate. The default settings enable you to collaborate with other MapleCloud users on your particular project. If you want the group to operate more like a message board, you may want to consider a “Read Only” policy.

Group maintenance
After you set up your group, it is important to log in to the group regularly to deal with issues that will need your attention. For example, you may have users requesting to be members of your group. As the group owner, you must approve any new member. There may be some posts in your group that have been reported and require you to review. As the moderator for your group, you will receive an email whenever a post has been reported by a member. After you have reviewed the post, you have the ability to either remove the post or approve the content.