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The field of energy storage is extremely active with a constant stream of innovations being deployed to address some major design challenges. At the heart of this activity is the commercial drive to increase energy density (energy stored per unit mass), extend battery life and improve overall charge/discharge efficiencies in order to reduce unit costs and enhance product reliability.

One constant of battery research is the need to consider fundamental physical concepts when designing new batteries. To facilitate this, the industry increasingly uses symbolic math-based modeling techniques that let engineers accurately describe the behavior and the constraints on a system, in physical terms. The model equations then help in developing, testing, and refining designs quickly and without building physical prototypes. Hence, it's essential to have a good virtual model which properly reflects the battery behavior and physical interactions with all the other components.

This webinar will demonstrate, through the use of examples and case studies, these advanced symbolic mathematics techniques for developing high fidelity physical models of batteries.

Dr. Ralph E. White, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of South Carolina
Dr. Ralph E. White is a Professor of Chemical Engineering and a Distinguished Scientist at the University of South Carolina. He received his PhD from the University of California at Berkeley in 1977 under the direction of Professor John Newman. Dr. White taught at Texas A&M University for almost 16 years before moving to the University of South Carolina where he has served as a professor, the chair of the department and the dean of the college. Dr. White has authored or coauthored over 310 peer-reviewed journal articles primarily on the electrochemical systems. Currently, he and members of his research group are working on projects on batteries and numerical methods. Their work on numerical methods consists of developing efficient algorithms to solve the equations that represent the phenomena that occur in electrochemical and chemical systems.

Dr. Sam Dao, Application Engineer, Maplesoft
Dr. Dao received his PhD degree in Mechatronics from the Dept. of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo. He is currently an Application Engineer at Maplesoft. Originally part of Dr. John McPhee's research team, Dr. Dao has been involved in many research projects including multiple robot networking, hybrid electric vehicle modeling, and battery modeling.


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