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Quantum Electromagnetic Radiation Pressure Spectrum

: David Harness
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Electromagnetic transverse wave energy density radiation pressure spectrum loglogplot of -Pa vs wavelength ?. Annotations indicate shorter ? are compressive of central cosmological constant vacuum energy density pressure ? and longer ? rarefactive of ?. Present 4D Einstein-Maxwell energy density analysis, of the computationally dualistic total field units of energy density and mass density pascals, introduces a nonstandard basis for the missing photon volumetric ? parameterization - missing in the zero-dimensional (0D) Dirac delta functional imaginary-invisible mathematical point particle QED-Standard Model representations of the photon. Equations (1-4) introduce a basis for quantum gravity renormalization, in terms of 4D spacetime curvature via quantum energy density computational duality with quantum mass density.

Application Details

Publish Date: November 15, 2019
Created In: Maple 2017
Language: English

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