Multidomain Modeling with Built-in Components - MapleSim Features - System-Level Modeling and Simulation

Multidomain Modeling with Built-in Components

MapleSim includes over 600 built-in components from many different domains. System-level models can be created by seamlessly combining components from different domains into a single model.  MapleSim knows how components can be connected and prevents illogical connections.

The physical component blocks include functionality for many domains:

  • Electrical, including resistors, op amps, diodes, stepper motors, and machines
  • Thermal, including heat capacitors, conductors, convection, and radiation blocks
  • Rotational and translational mechanics, including spring-mass dampers, gears, clutches, and bearings
  • Multibody dynamics, including flexible beams, rigid bodies, and constraints
  • Magnetics, including data for magnetic materials, electromagnetic fields, permanent magnets, field shapes, sensors, leakage, and flux and potential sources
  • Thermal fluids, including boundary conditions, constraints, heat flow, heat transfer, and thermal sensors
  • Hydraulics, including hydraulic cylinders and motors, orifices, and non-circular pipes
  • Pneumatics, including directional control valves, actuators, customizable valves, and flow restrictions

The signal-based component blocks include:

  • Continuous and discrete blocks, such as filters, delays, and triggered samplers
  • Logic and structural blocks, such as Boolean operators, switches, and mux/demux
  • Arithmetic blocks, such as integrators, gains, vectors, and feedback

The block library can be extended by creating and sharing custom components, through specialized add-on products, and by importing third-party Modelica libraries.