Simulation Solvers and Options - MapleSim Features - System-Level Modeling and Simulation

Simulation Solvers and Options

MapleSim’s powerful simulation engine produces fast, efficient simulation code and provides numerous options for managing and controlling your simulations.

  • Stiff/non-stiff/semi-stiff and fixed/adaptive numerical solvers (Rosenbrock, Cash-Karp, Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg, implicit Euler)
  • Linear, nonlinear, continuous and discrete time, SISO, MIMO, and hybrid systems
  • Lossless symbolic simplification of system equations produce efficient, high-fidelity models
  • Index reduction method for high-index DAEs
  • Analytic solution of algebraic loops without user intervention
  • Detailed error analysis for model construction and simulation diagnosis
  • Compiled run-time mode for rapid execution
  • Ability to call on external code as part of a simulation, including taking advantage of multiple processor cores to complete batch computations significantly faster, or running on a cluster using the Maple Grid Computing Toolbox.
  • Live simulations that show results as the simulation runs and provide the ability to stop and investigate unexpected results immediately
  • Parameter sets management tools
  • Results management tools, including comparison of simulation runs on the same axes, instant plotting of both probed and unprobed variables, and easy creation of custom plots
  • Efficient models and optimized C code generation for fast real-time execution, including hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) applications
  • Snapshots for starting experiments at any time-step, even if the model was modified after the snapshot was taken
  • Deployment directly to popular platforms from MathWorks®, National Instruments™, B&R, VI-grade, dSPACE®, and more through connectivity add-ons