Virtual Commissioning with MapleSim & Studio 5000

Virtual Commissioning with MapleSim & Studio 5000

With the latest software from Maplesoft and Rockwell Automation, digital twin technology can be integrated with the control software development process, making virtual commissioning a realistic technique for automation companies to adopt today. There is now a simplified workflow between the system-level modeling environment (MapleSim)and the automation design environment (Studio 5000). This allows designers to create their digital models and test their PLC code in the same workflow, providing valuable feedback during the design phase where changes are easier and less expensive to implement.

Virtual Commissioning Interface

The MapleSim Virtual Commissioning Workflow:

  • Quickly create a digital model by leveraging previous CAD data for use in both MapleSim and Studio 5000.
  • Get your machine design right before prototyping
  • Test your control software before connecting it to a physical machine
  • Visually debug your machine software by seeing the mechanism’s response to your control code
  • No guessing with effective inertias and approximated accelerations – directly export a model’s forces/torques to Motion Analyzer
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Virtual Commissioning: Speeding Up Automation Testing and Validation Using MapleSim and Studio 5000

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Use MapleSim in your next project:

Rapid creation and testing of initial concepts
By enabling quick prototyping and testing of design concepts, MapleSim allows you to try out more ideas in less time, getting you on track quickly.

High fidelity models
MapleSim produces high fidelity, computationally efficient models suitable for in-the-loop simulations, controller design, and activities such as optimization, sensitivity analysis, and what-if scenarios.

Efficient use of digital twins
MapleSim offers two streamlined export functions for efficient use of digital twins in the development process. First, a model’s simulation data can be exported in a format directly readable by Motion Analyzer, allowing it to “right-size” the servo drives, motors and gearboxes. Secondly, the model itself can be exported to Studio 5000 for control code testing.

Commission with confidence
Once linked to Studio 5000, the controller code can be tested against the model before a physical prototype has been created. The result is hardware-in-the-loop simulation, where the machine's behavior is emulated in real time to create a controlled environment. The behavior of the digital model can then be visualized live within MapleSim.
Virtual Commissioning with MapleSim Insight and Rockwell Studio 5000

See how virtual commissioning can help you design better control strategies when using MapleSim Insight with tools from Rockwell Automation.
Using Virtual Commissioning to Develop Faster, Safer Machines for Less
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MapleSim Insight

Simulation-based testing of machine control strategies is a key element of virtual prototyping and the use of digital twins for virtual commissioning. Unfortunately, this step can be cumbersome, as many automation tools provide limited options for machine-level, simulation-based controller testing, and these options often require moving development to an entirely new platform. MapleSim Insight gives machine builders powerful, simulation-based debugging and 3-D visualization capabilities that directly connect to your automation tools, so you can perform simulation-based testing of your controller easily and efficiently. MapleSim Insight provides both 3-D visualizations for quick visual feedback, and 2-D plots to get precise answers for testing and debugging, so you can always get the level of detail you need. With a real-time connection to most common automation platforms, MapleSim Insight shows you exactly how your control strategies will impact your machine - all before a physical prototype is constructed.

  • Test the impact of your control strategies in real-time to fix issues and optimize performance without a physical machine present.
  • See 3-D visualizations of your models that run in real-time, giving you a high quality, CAD-based reference for your control strategy development.
  • Compare results from multiple testing scenarios using both 2-D plots and 3-D animations.
  • Use MapleSim Insight with a realtime connection to the Studio 5000 environment

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