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Mean-Value Internal Combustion Engine Model


The development of high-fidelity predictive models of vehicle engines is a major preoccupation of powertrain engineers. By developing “virtual” prototypes of their engine designs, automotive manufacturers can achieve tremendous insight into the behavior of the engine, particularly for controller design and development to maximize performance while complying with governmental and ecological constraints. Doing this before investing in the prototyping stages has been proven to save significant time and costs during the product development process.

With MapleSim, you can quickly develop and optimize engineering system models within an intuitive physical modeling environment and the MapleSim™ Connector provides all of the tools you need to prepare and export your dynamic systems models to Simulink® as S-function blocks. Using this toolbox, high-performance, high-fidelity MapleSim models are automatically converted to S-Function blocks for seamless inclusion in Simulink® diagrams.

This whitepaper describes the development of a high-fidelity model of an internal combustion engine and how to deploy this model further down the toolchain by exporting the engine model to Simulink®.

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